Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 8

Sigh...I've fallen a month behind again.

Three more shows (two movies and one live show) last Friday.

First up was THE MANY LIVES OF JOVAN CORNEJO, a hilarious little horror-comedy about brothers (adopted, one is Asian and the other white) who haven't spoken in years. But when the older, fuck-up, white brother Norm (Steve Agee) calls his little brother Kevin (Randall Park) and tells him he has diabetes and wants to see him for his (Norm's) 40th birthday party, Kevin obliges. Turns out the "place" that Norm bought isn't a house, or an apartment, but a spot of land in the desert. And his only friends at the party are his racist mailman, his mildly retarded liquor store clerk/drug dealer, and Jovan Cornejo (Ed Galvez.) Wacky hijinx ensue, Jovan is killed in an accident, then reincarnated as a monster thanks to an Indian curse, and things get really, really bloody and funny. And it won the Holehead Audience Award.

Next up was a bit of live entertainment, The Bonesaw Bros. Scary Stories, Christmas Edition. We start with a little PowerPoint presentation about alternate Christmas legends through history (and the present.) You know, things like Krampus or Black Peter (don't click unless you're comfortable viewing very, very racist images.)  And then it was a series of dramatic readings of Christmas stories, ranging from comedy to horror, and with a healthy dose of H.P. Lovecraft. Many performers were in elaborate costume, and it was pretty cool. Unfortunately it had to be cut somewhat short to clear out before the late night movie.

And that movie was WHERE THE DEVIL DWELLS. A man is placed under house arrest, in a remote cabin. The sadistic cop loves tormenting him. Probably because his (the man under house arrest) father was a notorious serial killer. So things get really bad when his father shows up, apparently not dead like everyone thought. Or maybe not, after all he is a bit schizophrenic, which is why he was in this mess in the first place. Anyway, whether he's a hallucination or not (and yes, that is definitively answered by the end) he is definitely back to his murderous ways. Pretty awesome.

Total Running Time (of films): 165 minutes
My Total Minutes: 376,917

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