Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jason goes to Holehead--Closing Night

Two more films last Dec. 16th, and the final night of Holehead 2014.

First up was JENNIFER HELP US, which was heavily touted as a film shot entirely on an iPhone 4s. Which actually worried me, because I usually expect when the most notable feature is how cheaply the movie was shot, it means the story isn't actually good. In this case, I was happily surprised. The story of a vengeful teen who locks her enemy in a "haunted" house and the real-life haunted horrors that transpire was actually pretty good. Even more, I was impressed with the cinematography, that did an effective job of evoking a cheap 70s grindhouse vibe. In fact, they used a 'scratched up film' filter that I liked enough that I wish I didn't know it was shot on an iPhone, because thinking about how fake the 'film' scratches were. By the way, it's fucking weird that I find some nostalgic joy in seeing simulations of the limitations of aged film. Really fucking weird. But the film movie was really fucking good.

And finally, we ended the festival with STAR WARS a Secret 70s Sci-Fi Epic. Yeah, it was...a film...from the 70s...that was a secret. And was definitely not the special 90s version of the same movie. My favorite parts was when Jabba the Hutt wasn't there and when a certain scruffy nerfherder shot first. But definitely no way I'll tell you what it was. It's a secret.

Total Running Time: 210 minutes
My Total Minutes: 377,368

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