Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 10

A few more shows last Dec. 14th.

Shorts Block 10
THE SPINSTER: A local San Francisco short about a bad-ass woman cyclist taking bloody revenge on douchebag guys who stand up their dates. Or at least stand up dates with her.
FOREVER: A super-creepy short about a stalker who just won't give up, beyond all possibility. A true nightmare.
KILLER KART: Since one short didn't show up, we replayed this fan favorite. That was fun.
MEMENTO MORI: The misadventures of a detective who follows his leads to the wrong town.

Shorts Block 11
DOUBLE AGENT: A James Bond inspired comic exploration of gender identity and double standards.
GIRL AND A GUN: Kinky, kinky stuff. Or just a regular date night. Also by Jamie DeWolf, the director of DOUBLE AGENT.
O COME ALL YE ZOMBIES: Holidays with a family of the undead. And you thought your family was bad, amirite!?
DAY AT THE BEACH: By the twisted mind of Dave O'Shea (DAY JOB, Holehed 2012) comes a story of a couple of girls who go to the beach, get a little naked, get followed by a creepy guy, and....well, a lot of twists happen. 
THE LAST OF US: TRUST: Two survivors in a post-apocalyptic zombie world have to deal with...well, trust.

And then the feature documentary insanity, MY NAME IS JONAH. Jonah is a self-proclaimed warrior. And an adventurer. And a musician. And the star of several adventure-themed Christmas cards. And a jerk who has alienated all of his family. But he has his friends and fans...maybe. He's a man who has made his own legend, and the movie keeps you constantly guessing whether any of them are true. Seriously, I even started doubting whether or not his name was actually Jonah! Spoiler Alert: It's Not!

Total Running Time: 167 minutes
My Total Minutes: 377,158

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