Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 7

Two more last Thursday, starting with a film yours truly brought to the festival, LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS. When I saw this at Cinequest I knew it would be perfect for a Holehead audience. And judging by the comments I got afterwards, I was right. Here's what I said about it back in March:
And then the midnight movie, the horror-comedy LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS.  A couple of sisters travel to the remote vacation lodge Uncle Svetko’s All-American Family Lodge. The specialty there is Bigfoot tours, and the boyfriend of one of the girls works there as a Bigfoot. Anyway, toxic waste turns the bigfoot actors and lots of woodland critters into crazed mutants with a taste for human flesh. If only the on-site Abraham Lincoln impersonating doctor can synthesize an antidote before everyone suffers horrible, hilarious deaths. Yeah, this movie is pretty freakin’ awesome.
Wow, that's lazy fuckin' writing. Here's something lazier--I still agree with that. And it was fun introducing the film, introducing the director Matt Jackson, and running a brief Q&A after.

And then the 35 mm presentation of ALIENS. Perfect pairing, since LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS has my favorite chest-burster parody (pro-tip: chest bursting with naked lady chest = awesome!) What can I say about ALIENS? It's awesome. The print was a little scratched but the colors were beautiful (no fading to pink like the print of THE ASTROLOGER a couple of nights before.) We were warned about brittleness, but the film never broke. I was only worried about the running time, because I still had to catch a bus to BART to my car to home (and then work early the next morning.) Oh yeah, and this was all happening during the biggest storm the Bay Area has seen in 5 years. But I ran out right at the start of the credits and made it home just fine.

So...there you have it, instead of a review of the movie you get a description of my night. Whaddya want? ALIENS is a classic, LitToM I've reviewed before, and you're reading this for free. I can write whatever I damn well feel like.

Total Running Time: 234 minutes
My Total Minutes: 376,751

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