Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jason watches HOLY MOTORS

And it's about...holy crap, I don't know. It's about a guy named Oscar (Denis Lavant) who rides around in a limo and acts out different roles all over Paris. He becomes a businessman, an assassin, a monster, a family man, a beggar...not in that order. And apparently there are dozens of such limos with different actors and actresses. And then in the end it gets really weird, when [SPOILER ALERT! highlight to read] he goes home to his family of apes and the limos all go home to have a conversation of existential crisis in the garage. Yup, it ends with a bunch of limos talking and worrying about their uncertain future. [END SPOILER.]

I guess the easiest reading is it's an exaggerated metaphor on the life of an actor. Reading further, perhaps it even relates to the multiple roles everyone plays in life. Or it's most direct reading is that director Leos Carax is an audacious, exciting, puzzling director whose work I should catch up on.

Running Time: 115 minutes
My Total Minutes: 306,796

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