Friday, December 14, 2012

Jason celebrates the apocalypse in The Vortex Room with THE ΩMEGA MAN

Yeah, check the credits, it's not THE OMEGA MAN, it's THE ΩMEGA MAN (or, if you want to spell out the Greek letter it's THE OMEGAMEGA MAN.
Anyway, Charlton Heston as the last man on Earth...kinda. During the day he loots L.A. for survival necessities. At night he bunkers up in his home while he's attacked by sunlight-averse ex-humans. Unlike the Will Smith piece of garbage, these aren't brainless zombies. In fact, they're called The Family and are led by the rather articulate Mathias (played by Anthony Zerbe--Charlton Heston, you got Zerbed!) In fact, the scenes where Mathias pontificates about how Neville (Heston) is the last of the true evil to infect the earth and his race is the new, deserving replacements for humans...well, those are easily the most interesting parts of the movie. Well, that and a naked Rosalind Cash.
I really should read the Richard Matheson novel it's based on. And see the Vincent Price version. And stop thinking too hard about how the light-averse Family's primary weapon is fire. You know fire gives off light, right?
Anyway, Merry Apocalypse everyone, and if the world doesn't end I'm looking forward to many excellent nights in The Vortex Room next year (their Apocalypse series continues, but I'll be out of town.)
Running Time: 98 minutes
My Total Minutes: 308,290

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