Friday, October 19, 2012

Jason watches DUST UP

Well, that was a crazy fucking ride, and not just because of the four pre-film martinis. Last Wednesday, the Vortex Room was host to the San Francisco premiere of this new indie western action gorefest comedy. Drugs, revenge, violence, a lizard-man, cannibalism, an orgy and more. A one-eyed vigilante hero, out to save the young mother and wife of a speed freak who is in deep debt to an insane, violent drug lord. Oh, and his Indian sidekick--and by Indian I mean a white dude who dresses as a Native American and says, "Namaste" a lot. Crazy, kinda sick fun.

Oh yeah, and a pretty kick-ass soundtrack by Spindrift. Afterwards, we went to The Monarch where they were to be playing. But they didn't go on until nearly midnight (at the earliest) so I had to bail and catch the BART home. At least I left with a soundtrack CD.

DUST UP is on demand on some services now and some services coming soon, as well as Netflix and DVD soon (Nov. 13th.) Or you might live near one of the lucky places where it will play on the big screen.

Running Time: 90 minutes
My Total Minutes: 300,708

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