Friday, October 26, 2012

Jason goes to SVJFF and sees DAVID

Last Wednesday I was down at the Camera 7 in Campbell for this charming little child's cross-culture adventure. Actually, first I was next door at Rock Bottom for a couple of hours watching the Giants build up a nice lead over the Tigers in game 1 of the World Series. And of course while I was there I sampled their fine selection of beers. Sadly, they had just run out of IPA, but everything else I tried was pretty darn tasty. But hey, this isn't a beer blog, it's a movie blog. And this is all just to say A) I was a bit toasted when I settled in for the movie, and B) Go Giants!

Now the important thing about having a few beers before a movie is that is typically a recipe for falling asleep. But I didn't. Which means the movie was good enough to command my slightly-pickled attention. It's the story of a good, studious Muslim boy in Brooklyn. He's not just devout, he's also a good neighbor. When he sees one of the Jewish kids accidentally left his prayer book at the park, he follows him to school and drops it off. Or he thinks he does, but accidentally drops off his Muslim prayer book. So he has to go back, and he's mistaken for a new student. So Daud becomes David, and he starts attending a Jewish school. And he makes friends and becomes a part of their society despite himself. Kids just make friends easily, even if it means hiding a bit of what you are. Of course, his deception will have to come to a head, both with his family and his new schoolmates. But I think I've already been spoiler-y enough here, so I'll just end by saying it's a charming little look at cross-cultural awareness through a child's eyes.

Running Time: 80 minutes
My Total Minutes: 301,262

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