Friday, October 26, 2012

Jason slips into a Vortex and meets BAD RONALD

Ah, back at the Vortex room. A couple of martinis down, and I settled into this bizarre little flick. Ronald isn't really as bad as the title BAD RONALD would suggest. He's just kind of shy and weird. Oh, and he did one bad thing--he accidentally killed a girl who was mocking him (he just pushed her and her head fell against a brick and she died.) But then he made it worse by burying her. So his mom knows no one will believe it's an accident. So she does the only logical thing--walls off the spare bathroom, hides him in there, and tells everyone Ronald's run away (nobody seems to concerned about that, or even concerned that she's not concerned.) And the months go by. And Ronald's mom goes to the hospital for an operation. And she never comes back. And the house is sold to new owners. And Ronald goes a little crazy in there. He sure has a vivid imagination, creating an entire fantasy world in there. A pretty twisted little flick.

Running Time: 74 minutes
My Total Minutes: 301,372

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