Friday, October 26, 2012

Jason goes to Not Necessarily Noir III--WHITE OF THE EYE

Not Necessarily Noir III rolls along at the Roxie. I only made it to one half of the double-feature last night (Thursday) because A) I've already seen MANHUNTER plenty of times and B) there was stuff going on at the Vortex I wanted to see.

Anyway, what can I say about WHITE OF THE EYE? David Keith looking kinda crazy and Donald Cammell in total, exquisite control of the camera. It's a serial killer flick that's got a twisted flair that has never been duplicated. I loved it from the first murder, where a beautiful dinner spread is upended and a shattering bottle of wine becomes a visual surrogate of the bloody massacre (also, the gasping goldfish on a rack of ribs--quite a striking shot.) Local sound engineer Paul White (David Keith) becomes a prime suspect simply because of the tread of his tires. While he tries to prove his innocence, the fact is he does have dirty secrets he's hiding, and his wife is none to happy to find out.

Ah, but enough of the spoilers. This film is about a close, attentive study of evil in all its depraved beauty. And it might just be about how that close, attentive study of evil induces evil in the student. And it's about the nature of the hunt. And it's about meticulously designed murders. And it's about an explosive ending. And it's awesome.

Running Time: 110 minutes
My Total Minutes: 301,372

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