Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jason watches SOUND OF NOISE

I seem to be doing a pretty good job of being just over a week late with my updates.

Anyway, this was an absolute crowd-pleaser (or would've been, had there been a crowd at the Monday matinee when I saw it.) A gang of anarchic drummers terrorize. The one man who can track them down is Amadeus Warnebring. He's the son of many generations of celebrated musicians, obviously named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and...he's completely tone-deaf. His brother is a famous conductor, and he's always out of place surrounded by musicians at the family parties. But he can recognize the ticking of a metronome (it haunts his memories of music lessons as a child) and he's a darn good cop. Plus he has the (dis)advantage that everything the percussionists use as instruments (including people) suddenly becomes mute to him. Add in a love interest with one of the drummers, and you've got yourself a story.

But this isn't really about the story. It's about the musical set-pieces. They invade a hospital, a bank, the concert hall (during an important concert) and finally the city's entire electric grid. And the pieces are dazzling and clever. Sure, they're also destructive, but from the safety of a movie screen they're just great escapist fun. It's sure fun to fantasize about marching into a bank and rhythmically shredding all their cash. #occupymusic

Running Time: 102 minutes
My Total Minutes: 275,705

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