Monday, April 16, 2012

Jason goes to the Dark Room and sees GOODFELLAS: LIVE

Wait a minutes, GOODFELLAS was a serious movie, with lots of death and crime and whatnot. How will the gang at the Dark Room turn this into a comedy? In what way will they be funny? Will they be clowns to you?

Ummm...yes, they will be like clowns. And make the most out of the story with lots of actors playing multiple roles (allowing them to drag the same dead body off stage multiple times while noticing how all dead bodies seem to weigh the same.) And the tiny stage frames the frenetic action very well, keeping it all the more ludicrous. And, of course, they snort a ton of cocaine...I mean, they simulate snorting a ton of cocaine.

Oh, and it's all anchored by Dark Room regular Tim Kay, given what I think is his largest role yet as Henry Hill. He's supported by fellow regulars Damien as Jimmy Conway, Jay Huston as Tommy DeVito, and Elaine Gavin as Karen Hill. Everyone else plays a multitude of roles.

GOODFELLAS: LIVE plays at the Dark Room Fridays and Saturdays through April 28th. Details here. Tickets here.

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