Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jason watches X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Had another couple of days off from Holehead, so I caught this flick. It's fun, well made, great performances by the two leads (especially Michael Fassbender, who really tears it up as Magneto) and really adds a lot to the back story of the X-Men universe. And I have very little interest in being the thousandth person to write about it, so I'll leave it at that.

[Update below]

Okay, on second thought I decided to add a few random thoughts. First, I haven't read the comic books so I have no idea if it matches or contradicts canon. I also don't care. Second, there are plenty of amusing in jokes that I couldn't help but laugh at. Third, the montage of Charles and Erik traveling the world recruiting mutants was excellent, but the best part is capping it with Wolverine telling them to fuck off (and yes, he uses the word, "fuck"). And finally, while the transformation of young Hank McCoy into Beast (reminiscent of several werewolf movies) was cool, it does contradict a brief cameo in X-MEN 2 when a human Hank McCoy is shown on TV.

Okay, that's all.

[Note: not really, I had a few more random thoughts]

Setting it in the 60's, and particularly during the Cuban missile crisis, was a nice touch. And the best part is newly graduated PhD Charles Xavier picking up chicks in bars by pointing out their "groovy mutations."

Okay, really, really that's all.

Running Time: 132 minutes
My Total Minutes: 240,127

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