Friday, June 24, 2011


Continuing my occasional series of checking out independent/art house theaters in Cleveland, I went to the Capitol Cinema. Part of the same chain that includes the Cedar Lee, this is a 3 screen house that plays a mix of art-house and blockbuster fare. While I was watching MIDNIGHT IN PARIS in one of two upstairs screens, GREEN LANTERN was playing in the big screen downstairs (I forget what was playing on the third screen). Which brings me to my only real gripe--they could do with better soundproofing. I could hear the rumbling explosions of GREEN LANTERN below me. I believe the three houses were converted from a single screen movie palace, and this inadequate soundproofing is pretty common.

My other minor gripe is there's a small half-wall in front of the front row (at least upstairs) which prevents me from stretching out my legs (one of the best perks of the front row). But on the plus side, you can get a beer at the concession stand, the staff was friendly, and the digital projection looked very clean (I'm guessing it's some version of HD, and it was definitely Dolby Digital, I don't think it was 4K). And Tuesday night is free (small) popcorn night.

Okay, as for the was charming. The trailers I saw did a great job of setting up that Owen Wilson's character (Gill Pender) loves Paris although his fiance and her family aren't that enthralled. And particularly he has adventures at night when he's all alone. But they don't reveal the big surprise about those adventures...and neither will I. I'll just leave it at it's charming, pleasing, and there's a good message about finding your bliss in the life you're given. Perhaps not a greatly profound or earth-shaking message--Woody Allen doesn't really do that. Instead (when he's at his best) he takes simple elegant truths and displays them with easy grace and charm, as he does here.

Running Time: 100 minutes
My Total Minutes: 240,846

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