Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum for comedy shorts night--June 18, 2011

Back at my favorite local silent film cult. Hey, before I tell you about the movies, don't forget to help us out by voting for the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum at Preservation Nation. You can vote once (and only once) per e-mail address, I've used all three of my e-mail addresses and I've gotten no spam from them (I did uncheck the box to receive e-mails).

Oh, and don't forget next weekend is the big weekend at Niles, the Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival. Get your tickets early.

And now the movies, and they were a gas:

EASY STREET (1917): Chaplin starts out as the tramp, but this time he gets a job as a policeman. A policeman on the toughest street in town, where giant Eric Campbell is sending all the cops to the hospital. But Charlie fixes him by dropping a street lamp on him and gassing him out.

MUM'S THE WORD (1926): Charley Chase comes home to meet his new stepfather. But his mom hasn't said anything about him yet, so they keep it a bit of a secret, with wacky, somewhat racy comedy ensuing.

Then after a brief intermission, we continued.

COPS (1922): Buster Keaton in one of his most famous shorts (particularly for the seen with the boxing glove and the loaded up cart). He picks the wrong day to accidentally get on the cops' bad side. Since it's the day of the big policemen's parade, they're all in town, and eventually all chasing him.

LEAVE 'EM LAUGHING (1928): The boys, Laurel and Hardy, in a trip to the dentist and way to much laughing gas. Hilarious.

Total Running Time: 82 minutes
My Total Minutes: 240,595

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