Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jason watches the Primitive Screwhead production of Much Ado About Lebowski

A revival of their hit show from last year. Still hilarious, still has that great no-budget but let's go crazy anyway style. And the new knave of Lebowski (Alfred Muller) has a more laid-back, very 'knave' attitude, while being a little more frisky with interacting with the audience. Especially in the early dunking-his-head-in-the-commode scene (note: I played the commode. Awkward...and hilarious fun!)

Other than that, it's been about a year since I saw their previous run, so it's hard to compare. I got the sense that there were Lebowski scenes added that weren't there last year, and the importance of the two escaped prisoners from Raising, Arizona was lessened (that may have had something to do with Paul Trask, who normally plays Gale Slade, was out and so we had a stand-in for him).

The play runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the end of June. Tickets here. The knave abideth, and no person furketh with the Jesus.

Oh, and rumor has it their next project with be an all-female version of their first show, titled Shevil Dead. Let's hope that happens. I've also been petitioning for a while for them to do The Exorcist live.

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