Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jason watches SUPER

And it's pretty damn demented. Sadly, few will see it because it sounds a lot like a rip-off of KICK-ASS. But it's the movie that thought KICK-ASS was neither nihilistic nor religious enough. Rainn Wilson plays a schmuck who loses his wife to a drug kingpin (deliciously evil Kevin Bacon...mmm, delicious bacon...) and becomes a costumed hero. That is, he runs around in a red suit and mask and clonks bad guys on the head with a pipe wrench while yelling, "don't [insert bad behavior here]!" And bad guys run the gamut from drug dealers to pedophile priests to guys who butt in line. Yeah, it plays with the psychotic aspects of being a superhero, which is all the more twisted because he's inspired by God literally touching his brain. Oh, and Ellen Page is at her best as his even more psychotic, enthusiastic sidekick who needs to actually be told that they only injure bad guys, don't kill them.

But you can get all that from any other review. The real revelation is [SPOILER ALERT!!!] the bunny! Okay, not a big part of the movie (although bunnies are a big part of the opening credits). It's really a story about a guy who snaps and starts bashing people's skulls in with a pipe wrench because he didn't have the guts to get a bunny. But at least there's a happy, bunny-rich ending. Bunny! Bunny! Bunny bunny bunnybunny bunny!

Running Time: 96 minutes
My Total Minutes: 231,919

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