Friday, April 15, 2011

Jason goes to the Bean Bag Film Festival for a night of Zombies

As I mentioned in a previous post, there's a new film fest in San Jose. Last night it kicked off and I was there at The San Jose Women's Club for it (with a few friends). It was sparsely attended, but honestly I've seen worse at inaugural film festival attempts. It's hard to get the word out. Plus last night they were competing with the Shark's opening playoff game, so here's hoping tonight will be better.

As it was, the space was pretty cool, beanbags across the first half of the floor, tables and chairs in the back if you wanted to eat and drink a little more civilized. The food was provided by Tikka Bytes food truck (different truck every night) which had tasty, tender lamb naanwiches and of course veggie options (if you really like spicy be sure to ask for extra peppers). And they served beer and wine inside. All in all, a comfortable, chill space to watch a movie, although the windows let in a bit too much light until the sun went down midway through the first film.

Okay, as for the movies, not too much to say since I've seen them before:

SHAUN OF THE DEAD: Still hilarious. It had been so long since I had seen it that I had forgotten many of the callback scenes in it. And it's fun to remember that feeling of first being introduced to the comedy team of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

ZOMBIELAND: Also still hilarious. The voice-over narration is still a bit too much. The big BM cameo is still awesome. It's a little weird to watch now that Jesse Eisenberg is famous for playing Mark Zuckerberg in THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Which leads to the best line in the movie, Jesse Eisenberg's character declaring, "The best thing about Zombieland: no Facebook status updates!" Did he know he was cast as Zuckerberg when he said that?

Anyway, the mini-fest continues through Saturday with HAROLD AND MAUDE + RUSHMORE tonight, and SWINGERS + THE BIG LEBOWSKI on Saturday (and rumor has it the bar menu will expand to include Martinis and White Russians that night). Come out and check out some great, modern classic flicks!

Total Running Time: 187 minutes
My Total Minutes: 231,823

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