Friday, April 1, 2011

Jason slips into a Vortex for a little spy action

Back at my favorite underground movie club for the last night of the month long "Agent from V.O.R.T.E.X." series of cult spy movies.

First up SOME GIRLS DO. Sexy lady spies, an experimental aircraft, and some corporate sabotage by some guy who stands to make a ton of money if the aircraft isn't ready on time. Lots of scientists are assassinated, and I think at least some of the girls were robots. I don't know, I kinda dozed off. Too many Manhattans...

But I was back awake in time for THE PRESIDENT'S ANALYST. James Coburn is a psychoanalyst in the swinging 60's. One of his patients is a CEA agent (definitely not the CIA, the CEA) and reveals that he was actually doing a background check to see if he was qualified. See, the President needs someone he can talk to. Someone who can be on call and sworn to secrecy. He takes the job, but it soon becomes too much, and he has a little nervous breakdown and runs away, only to be chased by intelligence agencies from around the world (as well as the FBR...which is totally not the FBI). But he uses his super analyst powers to save not just himself, he saves the world from the worst evil ever...TPC (watch the movie to learn what that means).

Total Running Time: 191 minutes
My Total Minutes: 231,033

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