Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jason slips into a Vortex for THE TODD KILLINGS and SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS

I know I've been off for a while. I was at Burning Man. No, I won't tell you about it, you just have to go yourself.

Anyway, back at my favorite underground film club. A couple martinis, and a couple of movies to not quite stay awake through (hey, I've been unpacking from Burning Man, and I'm exhausted). Anyway, here's what I was awake for. The theme was back to school, 70's cult film style:

THE TODD KILLINGS: Todd is a real lady killer, in every sense of the word. He's a charismatic 20-something who trolls high schools looking for girls. If that's not creepy enough, he usually ends up killing them in the desert.

SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS: Aaron Spelling produced this (using Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd, before "Charlie's Angels"). Martha Sayers comes home from school and immediately commits suicide. So her sister Elizabeth goes to school--under a fake name--to find out what happened there that drove her over the edge. She finds a hell of a lot of psychological manipulation, and an ending that I'd swear was ripped off from THE WICKER MAN, except that it was made a few months earlier.

Total Running Time: 171 minutes
My Total Minutes: 207,682

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