Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jason slips into a Vortex for MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH and THREE IN THE ATTIC

Back at my favorite underground film club for martinis and movies as the Vortex finishes going back to school.

MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH: It's fun to root for the killers. Takes me back to the days before Columbine when fantasizing about killing everyone in my high school was just good, clean fun. Anyway, I sort of dozed off for this one.

THREE IN THE ATTIC: Paxton Quigley is a real ladies man. And I do mean that in the plural, not possessive sense. But tables are turned when his three girlfriends find out about each other, and vow to get even, in a sort of a hellish ironic punishment way (akin to cliche of mom catching you with a cigarette and forcing you to fuck the whole carton).

Total Running Time: 177 minutes
My Total Minutes: 209,172

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