Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum for a Laurel and Hardy afternoon

Only about a week late with this update. So last Sunday was the monthly "Afternoon with the Boys" at the Niles Film Museum. Here's the lowdown:

HOG WILD (1930): Laurel and Hardy have loads of hijinx (of the wacky variety, of course) trying to install a rooftop radio antenna. Okay, that's kind of dated, but let's just say they're trying to install a MacGuffin on the roof, it's still just as funny (which is a lot of funny).

READIN' AND WRITIN' (1932): Our Gang goes back to school. Some like being back in class, but Breezy (in one of his rare starring roles until sinking into obscurity) doesn't. So he comes up with a plan to be as bad as possible and get expelled. Works a little too well.

Intermission, take a quick break.


And we're back.

COUNTRY HOSPITAL (1932): Ollie's in the hospital with a busted leg. He finally gets some good rest, until Stan comes by to visit. Very funny.

TEACHER'S BEAU (1935): And in just a short hour or so Our Gang went from starting school to the end of the school year. They all love their teacher Miss Jones, but are dismayed when they hear their teacher next year will be Mrs. Wilson. They figure Miss Jones is giving up teaching because she's getting married, so they try to break up the engagement, with hilarious results. Of course, what they don't realize is that her fiancée's name is Ralph Wilson.

And that was last Sunday at Niles.

Total Running Time: 78 minutes
My Total Minutes: 207,953

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