Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jason slips into the Vortex to see QUEENS OF EVIL

So rather than going to the opening night party at Asianfest, I decided to stop by The Vortex Room to catch the second half of their Vortex Seduction double feature. I did get there just in time to catch the tail end of THE VELVET VAMPIRE, which looked cool what with lesbians and vampires. But I didn't really pay attention, I just went to the bar and got a martini.

Then an intermission, another martini, a little live burlesque (nice!) And the second feature, QUEENS OF EVIL. Less said the better. A biker has an odd encounter with a man who needs his tire changed. Then he continues on, camps out at an old ostensibly abandoned house, and is woken up to be seduced by three weird sisters. And I was bored. But at least I got to drink a lot.

Running Time: 85 minutes
My Total Minutes: 176,957

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