Monday, March 22, 2010

Jason goes to Asianfest--Day 8

Yeah, I skipped last Wednesday, too. And for the San Francisco closing night I just caught one film, the shorts program Futurestates. The idea, from ITVS, is to commission young filmmakers to examine issues of today by looking at them in the future. You can actually catch them all (more than played at the festival) online here, but here are the ones I saw:

FALLOUT: In the future, love makes you stupid and radiation can be bombed out of existence.
MISTER GREEN: In the future, the only way to get environmental is to become a plant.
THE OTHER SIDE: In the future, desperate people will still cross the border illegally in search of a better life.
PIA: In the future, true love will even survive reincarnation as an android.
SILVER SLING: In the future, you can have your babies by surrogate in just 3 months. Well, that's a time-saver!

Running Time: 75 minutes
My Total Minutes: 178,258

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