Monday, June 22, 2009

Jason wraps up Holehead

Sorry for the late updates. I've been a bit out of it for a few days. Anyway, the final Holehead movie I saw (a week ago now) was BLOOD RIVER. I simple setup which could have been better if a) the characters were more believable and/or sympathetic and b) the dialogue was not so pretentious. A young married couple are driving through the remote Nevada desert. The only sign of life for miles around is a lone drifter. Of course, their tire blows out, and their stranded. Enter the drifter. He might be there to help, he says some nice words, but in the most menacing possible way--weird biblical, apocalyptic rantings. So he and the husband go for help while the wife stays back in the ghost town. There are some good scenes--creepy more than scary. And there's a twist that's completely out of left field and doesn't just make everyone look morally worse, it just makes everything seem ridiculous.

Anyway, that was a bit of a disappointment for my final film at Holehead. Other plans kept me from repeat screenings of any movies (just as well, the only two I kinda regret not seeing twice are MORGUE STORY and COMING SOON). But overall, this was a pretty good year at Holehead (despite the total lack of vampires and dearth of zombies), with tons of grindhouse-alicious fun. I haven't heard any details on who won the audience award, but I've heard rumors that SAMURAI AVENGER was at least near the lead. If it wins, remember who brought it there! (And if it doesn't win, I'm still at least proud that "Fuck Nathan Flesher" is scrawled on the walls of the Roxie men's room. And no, I didn't do that.)

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Dan said...

Blood River and The Dead Outside were the two films that scraped the bottom of the barrel at Holehead for me.

The Horseman was my favorite, Black Devil Doll was a close second and honorable mentions to Crows: Episode Zero, Pig Hunt, Run! Bitch Run! and Samurai Avenger.