Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 6

You might notice I skipped day 5. I was at...something else. And Holehead is scheduled so that it's easy to skip a few days. And in fact last night I only went up there for one movie (I decided to go home and get some sleep instead of re-watching SILENCE OF THE SUSHI ROLLS. I think choosing sleep over Japanese porn is a sign that I'm getting too old).

The one film I did see was a real winner, though. First the short THE LEGEND OF OL' GOLDIE. A little boy befriends a strange goldfish he caught. His home life is shit (his parents are always fighting in some gobbledygook language), so he forms a bond with Ol' Goldie. But Goldie is a ravenous fish, devouring other fish with his razor sharp claws and working his way up to whole chickens. That's a big, dangerous fish.

And then the feature, which is at least one of my top 3 favorites so far (along with THE HORSEMAN and SAMURAI AVENGER (which is a biased choice)), MORGUE STORY. The story begins, oddly enough, at the ending, and even odder with a blood-spattered man and woman struggling to keep their feet while talking about ARMY OF DARKNESS and how awesome Bruce Campbell is (which draws in my interest immediately). Then we go back to the beginning, and the woman--comic book author Ana Argento, played by Mariana Zanette--goes on to describe the events of the day she died. Sort of. See, she was poisoned by a bible-thumping coroner Dr. Daniel Torres (Leandro Daniel Colombo) using an elixer made from blowfish (more deadly fish--theme of the program) that sends the victim into a temporary cataleptic state (the legendary voodoo zombie poison). Meanwhile, in the morgue the coroner gets set to rape her before she wakes up. But he's interrupted by Tom (Anderson Faganello), an actual cataleptic who was sent to the morgue by mistake (it happens every so often). Despite only 3 primary characters, their complicated intermingling, coincidental backstories are a font of comedy, as is a lot of clever camera work and a heaping pile of film references. Although for the record, they got one thing wrong--DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER was not the best DIE HARD movie (the first one was). But I'll forgive that in order to embrace everything else in this movie.

MORGUE STORY plays again next Wednesday, June 17 at 7:15 pm.

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