Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 9

I saw 2 more movies last night. Anyone who stayed for all 4 had a grindhouse overdose, starting with BLACK DEVIL DOLL, ending with SOMEONE'S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR. I saw the two movies in between.

First up the short THE VAGINA SONG. Maya Prickett sings about how she's tired of being treated like nothing more than a hole, and hopes to find love. Excellent use of bunnies.

Moving on to the feature, PIG HUNT. A local NorCal production, a group of San Francisco friends go on a guy's weekend hunting pigs up in Boonville (where director James Issac grew up. He said in the intro that he always knew if he was going to make a movie about Boonville it would have to be a horror flick). At least it was supposed to be a guy's weekend, but John brings along his hot girlfriend Brooks. The other guys have to let it go, though, since John is taking them to his late uncle's ranch. On their way out there, they run into rednecks (including Les Claypool, who also did the soundtrack), hippies, and a legend of a 3,000 lb wild boar called The Ripper. Rest assured all three will come back to torment and kill them (especially the hippies. God damn fucking hippies!) John's childhood friends show up, not looking all that friendly. They find a giant stash of pot plants, and a whole lot of murdering goes down. Excellent, high energy and very particular to the region (although, of course, highly exaggerated). And one final note, I was struck by how much religious symbolism surrounded the rednecks. Les Claypool's character was named Preacher, and presumably is a preacher (at least he wears the outfit). Crosses abound on the vehicles and the weapons (lots of crossbows used). And yet they don't speak much about God or the Bible. Making them psychos who surround themselves with religious symbols really amused me. But what amused me more was the teddy bear hood ornament. You'll have to see it to know what I mean.

PIG HUNT plays again Monday, June 15th at 9:30.

And then the next show was maybe the grindhouse-iest of the festival (although it has to compete with BLACK DEVIL DOLL). But first the feature X-MESS DETRITUS. Cool stop motion animation of discarded and decaying toys, over a poem that exhorts you to give love instead of material things as gifts. Or something like that. I liked the visuals a lot more than the message. And although the short was pretty good, I'm going to gripe once more about how many shorts are not well paired to the features.

But then, it could be hard to find a short to match this feature. RUN! BITCH RUN! is an insane, grimy exploitation flick. Two Catholic school girls are trying to raise money selling religious paraphernalia (a theme of the night). And, of course, they fall into a murderous house of sin, led by Lobo, the howling psycho pimpmaster. Then there's Marla (or was that Karla or Darla, every girl there had an -arla name), a cranky, bitchy whore who'll kill any John with the temerity to call her a whore. And then there's stuttering Clint, who likes to watch nunsploitation porn while fucking the whores, and who is bullied by both Lobo and Marla. Now enter the Catholic girls Rebecca (Playboy model Christina DeRosa) looks at this trip as an opportunity for some freedom (and the audience gets to see her all good an' naked coming out of the shower before the story really begins). She's paired with Catherine (Cheryl Lyone), who maintains her high moral standards even if they're far from the sisters. Of course, that doesn't matter, 'cuz they're both gonna get all raped and murdered. Rebecca buys it in a game of Russian Roulette, but for Catherine they have a special game--like hide 'n seek but better. Only problem (for them), is that the whole "killing her" part doesn't really take, and so she returns for holy pile of revenge. Awesome. The only problem was the porntastic soundtrack was too loud. Oh yeah, and I guess for other people the problem might be that it's completely offensive and wholly inappropriate.

RUN! BITCH RUN! plays again Monday, June 15th at 5:00 pm.

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