Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 8

So after AROUND THE BAY at the Niles Film Museum, I would've liked to stick around and chat, but I had to race up to the city to watch some Japanese porn. I arrived in time to catch the end of the Q&A for SAMURAI AVENGER (which I've heard was their best screening so far. I'm so happy for that film, and proud that I helped bring it to Holehead!)

Anyway, last night was the second of the Pink Eiga screenings at Holehead, and the better of the two. First the opening short, courtesy of and their flagship bondage site The short was SNOWBOUND, and part of a shoot they did in Tahoe. No story to speak of, just a man tying a woman to a tree, outside in the snow. A little rope play, and a little (okay, a lot of) candle wax. But it's artsy, classy porn. I like that the bondage starts with her completely covered (in an all-white kimono thing). I like that the camera shows her face, and you can see that she's not in distress, that she has a determined dignity to her. I like that you can see she's wearing a classy, simple pearl earring. Of course, she does end up all naked, her legs splayed with hot wax dripped all over her, but it makes a distinct difference how she got there. I also want to say, in regards to the wax play, it's a shame that the candle wax wasn't dyed a brighter color. It seems that candle wax, when melted, is nearly clear and that doesn't show up well on camera. I don't know the difference in melting points for something like ceiling wax vs. candle wax, but I bet that would show up better. It seems like dripping wax is an opportunity for rich colors, and that was wasted. But that's nitpicking, and I'm normally not one to nitpick porn.

As for the feature, it was NINJA PUSSY CAT. According to the introduction by the Pink Eiga guys, director Hiroyuki Kawasaki worked in gay porn for the opportunity to direct his own movie, and given the chance he said he wanted to make a ninja movie. Now he's somewhat famous as a master of sexy ninja movies, but this one was the first. And it's based somewhat on historical fact from the Shogun period of 16th century Japan. The movie opens with a pair of ninjas learning (somehow, not quite explained) that the Prince is not in fact the Shogun's son. Suddenly Hattori Hanzo appears to assassinate all who discover the secret. The head ninja's daughter Kaede swears revenge, but is captured in her attempt. Hanzo hypnotizes her and gives her to his mistress for her to teach him some very special ninja techniques (think vagina dentata). But his plan is ultimately foiled when she has some breathtaking techniqes of her own. Funny, and it actually works as action/drama. Cool.

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