Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Because I needed a break from festival films, and I needed to enjoy a mindless Hollywood action flick. Well, it was certainly a break from festival fare, but fell well short of enjoyment.

This movie belongs to a rare inauspicious club of films where the opening credits are more interesting than everything else. At first I thought that I was just being jaded and elitist, pointing out all the ridiculous cliches (and I'll leave it to the fanboys to nitpick the history in relationship to the comics). Then my brother-in-law (no pushover, but definitely in the target demographic) confirmed that yes, it did suck hugely. Even if this wasn't an "origins" story (i.e., I know Wolverine survives, I know he'll lose his memory, I know what other mutants are guaranteed to survive, etc.) I could still predict just about everything. So it was a big ho-hum, with some flashy effects and 'splosions. Whatever.

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Dadmaniac said...

Hurm...I liked this one, too. I don't care too much about sticking to Fanboy accuracy. Tell me a good story! If it suffers from the obvious prequel problems (knowing about memory loss, etc.), eh...too bad. Not a reader of the comic, I must say that I appreciated learning of the origins of Wolverine and who his brother was.