Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum and sees REGENERATION plus a couple shorts

First the couple of shorts

FATTY JOINS THE FORCE: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle saves the police chief's daughter from drowning. As a reward, he's given a job on the force. But the darn mischievous kids turn this reward into a nightmare.

KNIGHT OF THE TRAIL: William S. Hart in one of his classic cowboy roles. He used to be an outlaw, but he's fallen in love and ready to settle down. However, his fiance doesn't know about his felonious past. When she finds out, she dumps him and gets engaged to a real crook who's planning to steal her money. So when William S. Hart finds out, he has to race the crook to the train station and stop him before he leaves with her loot.

And then an intermission, and finally REGENERATION. There's a bit of a cops and robbers/rescue and redemption theme to the night. Owen Conway lost his dear old mom when he was only 10. He became an orphan, and learned to live on the mean streets, working his way up to be the leader of a gang. Then he meets Marie Rose Deering (Anna Q. Nilsson), a teacher and social worker. Actually, he rescues her and her class from a burning boat. He falls in love, renounces his criminal past, and under her instructions starts the process of being reborn--regenerated, as it were--as a good man. Unfortunately, that rubs the rest of his gang the wrong way, and soon enough he has to protect her from them. Plus, he's had a history with these guys, one has saved his life before, so he's kind of torn in his loyalties.

And that was last Saturday in Niles. Tonight there's a Wallace Reid double-feature, and tomorrow the Sons of the Desert are doing an all-day Laurel and Hardy party.

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