Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jason goes to SFIFF--Closing Night

One final movie, UNMADE BEDS by Argentinian director Alexis Dos Santos, by way of London. It showcases a world of restless and reckless international youth in London, getting drunk, rocking out, and waking up in strange beds. In parallel stories, Axl drinks himself into amnesia every night, and Vera does a really bad job in her bookstore job. She discourages people from buying crap books, and mocks them for buying relationship advice books (even talking one out of a sale). She quits her job and starts dating a customer (or did that happen in reverse order). The aimless restlessness is underscored by her sincere ability to fall in love, and his desire to meet his real father (a desire that leads him to touring numerous flats before deciding he won't find what he wants). The whole time, you know they will meet eventually, and when they's surprisingly anti-climactic. Yet it works well for this movie where having a bed of your own is more important than any amount of fireworks.

And then, for the first time ever, I went to the SFIFF closing night after party. It was pretty cool, if crowded, and only two drink tickets. So after chatting with some film friends, I wandered over to the Vortex (which was nearby and hosting its own party) for one last drink before BARTing home.

And that, finally, puts SFIFF 2009 in the books (blog).

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