Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jason slips into a Vortex for DEATH IN SMALL DOSES

I missed nearly all of the current (recently ended) series of classic cult films at the Vortex, but I did make it up last Thursday night for drug movie night. I couldn't stay for the late show, THE LONG GOODBYE, but I did catch DEATH IN SMALL DOSES.

Peter Graves stars as a FDA agent who goes undercover as a truck driver to investigate amphetamine abuse--bennies, co-pilots, call 'em what you will. He quickly learns about the world, and when his mentor/driving partner is killed, he partners with Mink Reynolds (Chuck Conners), who's a main source of pills, as well as being a wild man who drives and parties hard (on amphetamines, of course). Classic black and white, ripped from the headlines (based on a true story) crime thriller. Cool. Went down well with 3 martinis and a couple of beers.

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