Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jason previews upcoming event--Indiefest, Cinequest, SFIAFF, and more

So much coming up.

Noir City continues through the weekend, but I'm out of town.

Indiefest starts next week Thursday. The schedule is out, and as always it's possible but not trivial to see everything. There's also a special free screening of the skateboarding movie Mind Field this Sunday (Feb. 1). However, again, I'm out of town. I suppose this might count as the first Indiefest film I've missed since I started going in 2002. On the other hand, maybe it doesn't really count as being "in the festival" since it's a special free screening a good 4 days before opening night. Also, for the film fans who ski, Indiefest is taking the show to Sugarbowl on Feb 27-28. They haven't announced what films they'll play yet, but as soon as I know I'll let you know.

Overlapping the final 3 days of Indiefest my local Niles Film Museum is doing a Midwinter Comedy Festival. I'm contorting myself in a pretzel to see both (and fulfill other commitments). I think I can still see everything in Indiefest and all but one of the Niles shows (the late show Saturday night I might have to miss).

Oh yeah, and that weekend is also the Oscars. I should comment on what's been nominated, what was snubbed, what should win, etc. Here's my comment: I don't care. This might be the first year since 1997 that I don't even see all Best Picture nominees before the ceremony (I haven't seen The Reader, and I might not have any time to do so. Nothing personal against that movie, though). The fact is, traditionally I knock myself out trying to see as many nominees as possible, then after the ceremony I don't care anymore. This year, I'm saving time by jumping ahead to not caring.

Cinequest starts on Feb. 25th, and their schedule is out earlier than ever. I haven't had time to study it, but I did get a pile of screeners at the launch party last night. So I'll have more to say about it later. I will say that I'm already excited for two things: 1) the silent film night double feature of D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation and Intolerance, and 2) a live interview with Diablo Cody, the writer of Juno. That should be cool.

Then looking way ahead, the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (abbreviated SFIAFF, pronounced "Asianfest") plays March 12-22. The schedule isn't out yet, but will be out in the middle of Indiefest (I believe the schedule is announced Feb. 10). So that gives me something to study (alongside the Cinequest schedule) between movies at Indiefest.

It's exhausting being me. I need a vacation. Oh yeah, I'm going on vacation tomorrow!

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