Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jason goes to Berlin and Beyond--closing night

B&B 2009 is over. But mark your calendars for January 14, 2010, when it all starts again (with stereotypical German organization and efficiency, they've already scheduled the days for next year).

I saw just one movie, the closing night special of Melodies of Spring (Märzmelodie). This is very unusual for a German film--it's a musical. At least sort of. People break into song for a few lines, but quickly return to regular life, since I guess impromptu singing is not a very German thing to do. It's a romantic comedy--emotionally damaged people get their hearts broken, find love with someone else, etc. It's funny, and sometimes weird (even if true, has "I sometimes have blackouts and just forgot you were there" ever worked as an excuse for leaving your date at the restaurant and running off with your friends?) It was fun, and probably a good decision to end a festival with something easy to digest.

Which reminds me, once again for the closing night party Berlin and Beyond has the best food. Too bad it disappeared so quickly. At least there were still plenty of drinks.

And with that, Berlin and Beyond 2009 is in the books.

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