Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jason goes to SF International Film Festival--day 2

Or day 1 for me, since I didn't shell out $50 for opening night. By the way, absolutely no one took me up on my offer/challenge to suggest what movies I should see. That's still available, I've only tentatively scheduled myself through Sunday.

Anyway, I saw two movies tonight. First up was "Falling", and I've already used my freedom to change my mind at the last minute. I was going to see "Unforseen", a documentary about the battle over a housing development. Then I re-read the description of "Falling" and saw the word "Altmanesque" which beat out the fact that it was a chick flick about a reunion of women who were high school friends. I was immediately pleased with my decision when one of them burst into uncontrollable laughter during their former teacher's funeral (it wasn't because of him, but over the children's choir's singing). So begins a day that begins with a funeral, proceeds to a wedding, and is full of drinking between and after (except for the pregnant one of the bunch, she's actually conscientious about avoiding booze). It's very funny, with some stabs at pathos, and oddly punctuated with very American music (oh yeah, it's an Austrian film).

Then I had quite a long break, almost an hour (I'm not sure yer, but it seems this year the festival is programmed to frustrate my attempts at seeing as many movies as possible. For example, if the "late" show were at midnight instead if 10:45, I could've fit another movie in.) Then I drank as much free Stella Artois beer as I could. Then I saw "Black Sheep". Gore, comedy, and sheep from the first country I think of for all three--New Zealand. Director Jonathan King owes a debt to Peter Jackson--not just for paving the way with "Bad Taste" and "Braindead", but for creating WETA Workshop which did the monster sheep effects. A story of monster zombie sheep, created by...ahem.. "unconventional" breeding methods. The half-sheep, half-human hybrids run amok, and wacky hijinx ensue. There's also some good fun poked at stupid organic farming hippies. Awesome!

And that was my first night of SFIFF. Tomorrow I plan on seeing: "Colossal Youth", "Hana", "The Caiman", "Cecile B. DeMille-American Epic" and "Ghost Train". But please, convince me to see your favorites instead. Or tell me what to see later in the week.

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