Friday, April 20, 2007

Jason goes to the Santa Cruz Film Festival to see "The Tripper"

Last night was opening night of the Santa Cruz Film Festival. I haven't been back in a few years (it's a ways away, and during the middle of film festival season around here), but I couldn't pass this up. David Arquette's directorial debut, starring Jason Mewes and Paul Reubens, about a psychotic Ronald Reagan killing hippies. Yeah!

So I've written before about how nowadays horror movies are political. In "The Hills Have Eyes II" that became an obligatory, pointless cliche, much as the 70's/80's morality horror movies became cliche enough to be mocked in "Scream", which launched the career of David Arquette, thus completing the circle. Well, with "The Tripper" horror becomes political comedy, but while "The Hills Have Eyes II" sucked, "The Tripper" was pretty fuckin' awesome! It starts with a nod to 70's/80's morality horror, tipping the survivor early as the one girl who doesn't want to get high. However, everybody ends up getting high anyway (including the cops), rendering the morality cliche obsolete. Instead, it's replaced with politics. A group of neo-hippies (e.g., drug-cramming 'tards) gather for a hippie free love music in Humboldt County (organized by money-grubber Paul Reubens, who's entire performance was based on finding new and hilarious ways to say "Fuck You!") Well, the hippie festival is attacked by a madman dressed in a Ronald Reagan mask. Awesome, just awesome.

So in the Q&A afterwards, David announced that if the film did well (it opens today in 50 theaters across the nation, check if it's playing near you), he has an idea for a sequel based on Burning Man called "The Tripper 2: the Burning Bush". This would be awesome, because as a Burner of 10+ years I've always thought a) it's odd that there's never been a murder at Burning Man, because there are plenty of people who deserve to die for crappy poetry alone, and b) I've never seen a Burning Man documentary I really like, and I think the best Burning Man movie would be fiction, not documentary. So please see this movie, so this goofball semi-genius can make his sequel!

Here's a pic of David Arquette introducing the movie, surrounded by his cast and the press.

And there behind him was Paul Reubens and Thomas Jane (who played the local sheriff in the movie, and introduced it with his line from the movie "If you don't leave, you will die!")
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