Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Jason goes to SFFILM--Day 6

Just one show back on Monday, April 9th, but it was a doozy.

Oddball Films is a film archive and a lifestyle. And up until his recent passing, it was synonymous with Stephen Parr. This program was an homage to Parr, and a celebration of his weird, eclectic collection (which provides stock footage to several films, from independent to Hollywood blockbusters.)

Live music was provided by an equally eclectic group, Marc Capelle's Red Room Orchestra. Jazzy, eclectic, experimental, with many instruments, found objects, and distorted voices.

So, it was weird movies with weird films. And I couldn't possibly describe it. Not just because it's been three weeks and my memory fades. I don't think I could describe it from the moment I walked out of the Castro befuddled but exhilarated. And WTF was up with those horses and the fire?

Running Time: 84 minutes
My Total Minutes: 476,545

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