Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jason Watches COLOSSAL

Nacho Vigalando, director of TIMECRIMES--one of my favorite films that I've inexplicably never revisited since first seeing it--is back with a wonderful and weird film. There could be feminist study papers written about this film. About female empowerment, about realizing your own strength, about the fragile, petulant male ego and nice-guyism claims of entitlement....

But it's also all wrapped up in just a rockin' fun monster movie. Anne Hathaway stars as Gloria, a party girl who is frequently blackout drunk. Her boyfriend dumps her and kicks her out of his apartment so she moves back to her childhood home. You know, just temporarily. There she runs into childhood friend and nice guy Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) who owns the local bar and gives her a job there. They reconnect, she gets blackout drunk in the old playground. And wakes up to find out there are news reports about a monster that terrorized Seoul last night. Very strange. And even stranger, she figures out that the monster is mimicking her motions when she's in the playground, at a specific time. Very, very strange. Turns out, her existence isn't as insignificant ash she's always thought. In fact, she controls colossal events. And it all goes back to something that happened in that playground when they were kids.

Anyway, Oscar's nice guy behavior doesn't get her to fall for him like he'd like, so he becomes belligerent and abusive, and it turns out he's got some colossal-ism in himself as well. So their seemingly petty relationship is a battle royale on the other side of the world.

Fun story, clever implications, and a fantastic ending (I've spoiled enough already, so I won't go into that.)

Running Time: 109 minutes
My Total Minutes: 427,672

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