Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jason goes to Niles for a Laurel and Hardy Mother's Day

And, of course, Our Gang, which actually had mothers.

BOUNCING BABIES (1929): Weezer is jealous of his new baby brother, even sleeps in his crib. But mommy says he has to grow up. Like if he can't get up in time for breakfast, he'll have to make his own pancakes (just don't use the plaster of Paris as batter.) Later he tries to take the baby back to the hospital and trade him for a goat. That doesn't work too well, either.

COME CLEAN (1931): The Hardys want a nice quiet evening at home. Unfortunately, the Laurels come calling. And while out getting ice cream for their little get together, Stan and Ollie come across a suicidal woman named Kate (Mae Busch). They save her life, but she's a little crazy and insists they're now responsible for her. She's moving in whether they like it or not, or she'll scream and claim they tried to drown her. And she's moving in whether or note they decide to tell their wives (spoiler warning--they don't.)

FORGOTTEN BABIES (1933): Our Gang goes fishing. Except for Spanky, who is tricked into staying behind and baby sitting the really little ones. And hilarious mayhem ensues.

DIRTY WORK (1933): Laurel and Hardy as chimney sweeps, making quite a mess in a mad scientist's living room. And then things get stranger when the are introduced to his amazing rejuvenation tank. Wacky, childish hijinx ensue.

Total Running Time: 78 minutes
My Total Minutes: 427,873

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