Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jason Watches LOGAN

And it's really good. Brutal, but good. Maybe the best comic book movie ever...except that it's arguably not a comic book movie. In fact, it explicitly takes place in a universe where X-MEN comic books exist, as some sort of pop-propaganda for their adventures. Which makes me wonder...is this in the same universe as the previous X-MEN movies, or in a universe where they exist as movie?

Anyway, Logan is a very special man, the only one who can save a little girl with special powers. Special powers that make the powers that be very interested in her. They want her as a weapon. But if not that, they want to destroy her....  Wait a minute....

Maybe I just finished Cinequest, and my mind is still there, but isn't this kind of a rip-off of PRODIGY?

Running Time: 141 minutes
My Total Minutes: 423,441

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