Monday, March 27, 2017

Jason goes to CAAMFest--March 16

Two more movies, in my abbreviated CAAMFest.

First up was a special presentation of BROWN GIRLS, a rare opportunity to see a web series on the big screen. Created by Fatimah Asghar, and loosely based on her own life (her surrogate character is Leila, a South Asian writer,) it's a pretty funny series. She and her friends have money problems. relationship problems (it's a pretty queer series, without treating that as anything unusual,) and problems with trying to make Indian food using pizza dough. It's funny, and real, and the friends are immediately likable despite their flaws. Fun time.

Next up was APPRENTICE, an excellent prison drama from Singapore. Aiman is a young man recently employed as a prison guard. But he still lives with his sister who gives him no respect. Aiman becomes friends with Rahim, the prison executioner, and eventually becomes his apprentice. Rahim is fascinating as a man who kills people--legally--for a living. But he's a professional, and he is committed to making sure people die (by hanging) as quickly and painlessly as possible. Oh year, there's also a little bit of history between Rahim and Aiman, as it turns out Aiman's father was a criminal, who Rahim executed. Oh, and Aiman not revealing that on his employment application is a firing offense. A great story, with great characterizations.

Total Running Time: 143 minutes
My Total Minutes:423,791

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