Friday, April 29, 2016

Jason goes to SFIFF--Day 7

I only had time for one film on Wednesday, but it was a doozy. Once again, thank you SFIFF for bringing the weird.

GRANNY'S DANCING ON THE TABLE is a strange Swedish film about abuse and family history. In the present day, a young girl with a bloody nose tells her story, but the story really goes back to her grandmother. The backstory is told in crude stop-motion animation, and was apparently drawn from the stories Kickstarter backers told about their grandmothers, making for a wild, somewhat inconsistent character drawn from several sources. In any case, the broad stroke is that granny and her sister Lucia were homeless orphans who found work on a farm. Lucia ended up marrying the farmer, but granny ended up getting pregnant. And the farmer (i.e., the narrator girl's grandfather) ends up becoming abusive. Granny goes away to...make a living, as best she can. Lucia and the farmer raise the baby (the narrator girl's father) as their own, but like I said, the farmer is an abusive a-hole. Strange, dramatic, creepy, and matter-of-fact in a very Swedish way (decide for yourself what that means.)

Running Time: 89 minutes
My Total Minutes: 427,360

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