Friday, April 22, 2016

Jason goes to CAAMFest--March 19th, 2015

More quickie updates, on the last day of CAAMFest.

CRUSH THE SKULL was a cool, funny horror flick. A team of thieves have a chance at a big score, a mansion up in the hills, secluded, and with the owner away of vacation.'s not what it seems. Okay, I'll spoil it, it's a trap set by a SAW-style serial killer (just minus the bullshit philosophizing, he just does it 'cuz he likes to torture and kill.) So bumbling crooks against a psychotic madman and his lair of traps. Good times!

GOOD OL' BOY is the story of Indian-American child Smith Bhatnagar (named because his father wanted him to have a typical American name, and he didn't understand Smith was the most common surname, not first name.) Smith loves America, is obsessed with Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever. But his family makes it pretty tough to fit in, especially with the constant threats to send him to India if he misbehaves. Well, add a pretty next-door daughter and her cool father (Jason Lee, in a token "good white guy" role) and you've got a great little misfit comedy that truly pleases. Excellent fun.

PAINTED NAILS is a documentary about nail salons in San Francisco. The struggle to make a living in a rapidly gentrifying area, and the health problems of breathing in the toxic fumes of salon products all day. And the difficulty in finding non-toxic products (or convincing customers to pay a little more for them.) It's a world I knew nothing about, neither working in nor patronizing nail salons. But I can empathize with people struggling to make a living, and hope that sharing these stories might make it easier. And it's a very well made movie.

And finally, I ended CAAMFest with RIGHT FOOTED, and excellent, engaging documentary about Jessica Cox. Jessica was born without arms, so she learned to do everything with her feet. Dressing herself, eating, driving a car, etc. Or becoming a martial arts expert, or flying an airplane, or all sorts of things I can't do with my two perfectly good arms. And most importantly, being a mentor, role model, and inspirational speaker for others with disabilities. An excellent and inspiring way to end the day, and the festival. And it really helps the movie that Jessica is such an engaging, enjoyable person to spend tie with (and sorry guys, she's married. The wedding is part of the movie.)

Total Running Time: 323 minutes
My Total Minutes: 425,463

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