Friday, April 22, 2016

Jason goes to CAAMFest--Thursday, March 17th

Continuing with quickie updates.

THE NAME OF THE WHALE is an odd hybrid "drama-mentary" about a young student and his love for whales and finding whale fossils. It's also a look at a modern Japanese fishing village, and that was kind of fascinating. But mostly it was a slow-moving (read: boring) little exercise.

And then FRANCE IS OUR MOTHER COUNTRY was a clever and profound look at the French occupation and control of Cambodia, told through the archives of home movies made by the French occupiers. Casual racism about "The White race is the only creative race." The cheerfully, casually racist home movies give way to war that occupation inevitably engenders, and the movie takes us through that too. It's a meditation not just on Cambodian history, but world history.

Total Running Time: 165 minutes
My Total Minutes: 425,140

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