Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jason goes to Jewfest South for ANYWHERE ELSE

Noa is an Israeli grad student studying linguistics in Berlin. Her thesis project is a video dictionary of "untranslatable words" i.e., words that mean something very specific in one language that doesn't translate directly to other ones. Seems simple and engaging enough, but not to her thesis committee. So left with the prospect of going back to the drawing board, her strained relationship with her German boyfriend, and just a general sense that things are working right, she moves back home to Israel for some time. But that doesn't necessarily fix anything either. The relationship with her family, and particularly how her originally decision to study in Germany, is the focal point of the film. And later, when her boyfriend Jörg decides to visit her, that becomes the focal point for a while. It's a character study and endearing family drama, and Neta Riskin does a great job in the central role.

Running Time: 87 minutes
My Total Minutes: 406,655

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