Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jason Goes to Jewfest South for DELI MAN

A couple of Thursdays ago, a real crowd-pleaser of a light-hearted documentary about the most delicious Jewish tradition--the deli. Actually, that's a Jewish-American tradition, the deli wasn't originally about food from the motherland. In fact, delis weren't originally associated with Jews. Jews coming to America adopted and adapted the tradition (as they did with so many other things) and made it their own. And the film follows deli owners, their hard work, long hours, razor-thin margins (and slices of fish) as they make a living. It's certainly not for everyone, but for the people in the movie it's the only way of life for them. Many are in New York, but the star Ziggy Gruber opened and operates the best deli in Houston, TX, Kenny & Ziggy's. There's a melancholy tone to the film when it touches on how in the heyday there were delis on every corner of New York and now there's only a handful in the entire nation. It's an institution that is slowly disappearing, but one that's worth savoring while it's still around.

Running Time: 91 minutes
My Total Minutes: 407,011

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