Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jason goes to Holehead--Closing Night

The final two movies of the festival were last Monday night. And it was a great send-off

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Secret Screening #1, a sequel to the secret screening from last year. Wherein our heroes are in trouble as the bad guys...strike back. And our main hero learns a lot of shit from a little green dwarf but not enough and then runs off to fight the bid baddie only to find out that long ago big baddie f-cked his momma. Also, the really cool guy becomes the really, really, really cool guy. Like cool as ice...or frozen carbonite.

RETURN OF THE JEDI Secret Screening #2, the sequel to Secret Screening #1, wherein main good guy is now a bad-ass instead of whiny farm boy. And super-cool guy warms up a bit. And there's a fight in the desert with a bunch of cool-ass monsters that people forget how cool they were because then it switches to a bunch of freakin' Care Bears running around a forest. And they play drums on the nameless bad guys' heads. And big baddie turns out to be a little bit of a good guy after all. Especially compared to bigger baddie who was controlling him all the time.

And that's the end of Holehead 2015.

Total Running Time: 258 minutes
My Total Minutes: 411,570

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