Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jason watches SPY

Well, that was pretty funny. Melissa McCarthy is very funny and an appealing lead as the stay-in-the-command center brains of the operations conducted by suave superspy Jude Law. But when the entire active agent list is leaked, they need to send someone in the field who isn't known--her. She employs an interesting comedic mix of befuddled awkwardness, quick wits, and a surprisingly violent rage. And her comic chemistry with all her co-stars are great, but none more so than with Jason Statham, playing the super-violent loose cannon spy. Seriously, you could make a movie of 2 hours of just them arguing and I'd watch it. Pretty fun, but I can't seriously be scared of a villain who's only up to level 95 of Candy Crush.

Running Time: 120 minutes
My Total Minutes: 402,665

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