Friday, July 24, 2015

Jason watches ANT-MAN

Okay, I've figured out the rules for Marvel movies. If you want to see fairly interesting, funny, enjoyable movies, see the new character stand-alone films. If you want to see something that moves the universe forward, see a Captain America film. If you want to see bloated fan service, see an Avengers film.

I thought it was interesting to actually make the origin film be the origin of the second Ant-Man (um...I guess spoiler?) but it works really well. Paul Rudd makes an appealing hero as Scott Lang, once you make the leap to believe him as a jailbird (recently released and swearing to go legit.) Michael Douglas makes an excellent mentor as Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man (explained a bit in exposition and flashback scenes.) The action is good, the comic parts work, and there's fun to be had exploring the tiny, tiny world. And the conflict is refreshingly small-scale...kind of. I mean, there's the part of the plot where Hydra might get their hands on shrinking technology and that would be a disastrous weapon if they had it. But that has much less emotional weight than Scott fighting to protect his daughter.

A final note, it seems like there's an awful lot of movies that take place in San Francisco nowadays (even TERMINATOR GENISYS, in a series that has always been in L.A., had to move it to San Francisco and make sure that ground zero for the machine invasion is Oakland.) And that's cool. But kudos for the restraint in not using the cliche of destroying the Golden Gate Bridge.

Running Time: 117 minutes
My Total Minutes: 403,416

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