Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jason goes to the Broncho Billy film festival--Day 1

Our little weekend silent film festival in Niles kicked off in style with a couple of 100 year old locally made flicks.

BRONCHO BILLY AND THE CLAIM JUMPERS (1915): Our "patron saint," Broncho Billy Anderson kicked off the festival with this story of evil men who try to prevent him from registering his claim by drugging the stagecoach driver. Luckily the driver's daughter (and Broncho Billy's sweetheart) Marguerite Clayton steps in and helps save the day. Very exciting.

WHEN SLIPPERY SLIM WENT FOR THE EGGS (1915): Then the Snakeville gang, the local jokesters had some fun picking on Slippery Slim (Victor Potel.) In particular, Mustang Pete (Harry Todd) and Hiram Clutts (Ernest Van Pelt) have quite a few laughs before the tables are turned. Very funny.

THE TOMBOY (1924): And then the feature, starring Dorothy Devore as Tommy Smith, a tomboy who runs a boarding house with her father. A stranger Alden Farwell (Herbert Rawlinson) comes to town and stays at their boarding house. A bit of a love triangle ensues as she likes him, but he gets vamped by trendy flapper Sweetie Higgins (Helen Lynch.) There's also a plot about a bootlegging ring and Mr. Smith is the prime suspect. It all makes for an entertaining hybrid of action melodrama and romantic comedy.

Total Running Time: 84 minutes

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